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Casinghino Law Office, PLLC is a statewide law firm based in Manchester, New Hampshire with expertise in personal injury and workers’ compensation law. We fight for justice and rightful compensation for people who have been injured as a result of the negligent acts of others. Many of our cases involve traumatic injuries suffered as a result of motor vehicle accidents, including car crashes and motorcycle accidents. Attorney Casinghino is also one of the most experienced and successful lawyers in the state of New Hampshire in handling workers’ compensation cases.

Attorney Gary Casinghino

Attorney Gary Casinghino

Attorney Gary Casinghino

Attorney Gary Casinghino is a hard-working trial lawyer concentating on representing accident and injury victims. With over 30 years of experience, Attorney Casinghino utilizes extensive knowledge of insurance company practices for the benefit of his clients. He is a dedicated lawyer who will be a tireless advocate in obtaining just compensation for your injury. He has successfully obtained substantial settlements, verdicts, and awards for thousands of accident victims and injured workers.

Personal, Responsive, Exceptional Client Experience

We are a small but highly experienced, well-equipped and exceptionally-staffed law firm with the philosophy that the client experience is just as important as what goes on in the negotiation room or courtroom. Attorney Casinghino takes great pride in his personal involvement in all of his cases, being readily available by telephone, and also returning all telephone calls promptly. Everyone at the office will work hard to exceed your expectations of the attorney-client relationship.

Attorney Casinghino is available to meet with clients with office hours for evening and weekend appointments at offices in Manchester, Plymouth, and Lincoln, New Hampshire, or at their homes.

Initial consultations are always free.